BIOLEAF Israel – founded 2018 – is a startup company developing microencapsulation technology with crop protection applications.
The know-how and intellectual property for this process and production is unique to BIOLEAF. We produce and sell eco-green disinfectant, environmentally friendly biopesticide, and pre- and post-harvest treatments. Our team has over 10 years’ experience working in this particular field of commercial plant protection and agrochemistry* Over $7M investment to date.


Our mission is to create a sustainable future, increase profits across the board, and reduce crop shrinkage significantly.


Pre/Post Harvest

1. The use of agrochemicals in crop production has significant consequences for human health and the environment, because the majority of them are persistent organic pollutants.
2. It is vital to reduce the environmental impact of n0n-organic agrochemicals and lead the investment sector to look at safer agro-formulations.
3. The need for a triple effective organic chemical and biological agent:
  Production of plants fortified with important bioactive compounds

The Solution

  • A unique and innovative proprietary microencapsulation technique based around the controlled release of volatile essential oils.
  • Products that do not leave chemical residues, do not contain harsh chemicals, and are suitable for use in medicinal plant cultivation.*
  • Technology assured natural, eco-friendly, safe products.
  • Non-toxic and biodegradable, and yet extremely effective.

The Product

The BIOLEAF advantage over synthetic and non-encapsulated natural products offer:

  • Slow, long-lasting release of highly volatile actives
  • Prevention of possible damage caused by direct contact of actives
  • Stability of sensitive actives *


Once full global commercial status is obtained, BIOLEAF is set to expand into several markets:


Meeting the increased demand for organic, eco-conscious, and sustainable food crops.

Fresh fruit and vegetables have been the top selling category of organically grown food for 30 years, and xall other food categories. USDA summary and trends.


Phasing out of key chemical / inorganic active ingredients.

The impact of chemical use in agriculture: do the long-term hazards outweigh the benefits?


Increased public awareness of pesticide residues in food and how to avoid them.

Public concern has been the subject of scientific analysis for over ten years.


Widespread adoption of IPM practices.

Integrated Pest Management(IPM) is an eco-based strategy focusing on long-term pest prevention through bio control, habitat manipulation, and cultural practice modification .


Significantly reduce annual post-harvest retail price losses using safe and organic practices.

Best scientific practices to delay natural and unavoidable senescence.


Enable struggling economies to transport exotic fruits and vegetables to in-demand, high-paying markets without deterioration or crop reduction.

Investors are looking to expand their portfolios with eco-conscious, socially responsible, and ethically responsible investments.

The Projected Markets


Extend a crop’s farm to shelf aesthetics, freshness, and life.
Push into global markets, with a focus on North America.
Maintain the lead in proprietary microencapsulation technology.
Bring the microencapsulation of essential oils in fruit and vegetables into the mainstream.
Work with our investors to create a viable and dynamic leading agrochemical company.

Get In Touch

Phone: +972 544 983 901
Email: ziv@bioleaf-il.com
Offices Address:
12 HaMashbir
St. Holon, Israel
5885616 ‖ +972 (0) 8 646 1894
R&D Lab:
Institute of Chemistry and Chemical Technologies,
Ben-Gurion University of the Negev,
Beer-Sheva, Israel