Core products in post-harvest treatment and shelf-life extension


PotatoFresh™ - LONG STORAGE

Natural solution maintains the quality of long-term stored potatoes by preventing them from sprouting. Ideal for wholesale mass storage in a spreadable granular format.

Semi-commercial large-scale trial conducted with the Strauss-Group Israel for long term storage of large quantities of processing potato tubers.

Left image: at the beginning of the trial

Right image: after 7-months of storage with treatment of Bioleaf PotatoFresh™  – LONG STORAGE

Pictures taken by Strauss-Group Israel.


PotatoFresh™ - RETAIL

Natural solution extends the shelf-life of retail sold potatoes by preventing them from sprouting. Sold in easy to apply sachet format.

Red potatoes stored for 3-weeks at ambient temperature.

Left image: with Bioleaf PotatoFresh™ – RETAIL

Right image: without any treatment

BioLeaf PotatoFresh™ – RETAIL successfully inhibited sprouting for at least 3-weeks longer than without any treatment.



Non-toxic broad-spectrum fungicides and bactericides derived from essential oils as a liquid concentrate formulation for spray and dipping in pre-and post-harvest AgriFood-tech applications.

Legacy products in biopesticides, rooting, and disinfection



Eco-friendly bioinsecticide, repellent, and growth regulator in slow-release micro-encapsulated organic and conventional agriculture formulation. Approved also for use in medical cannabis cultivation.



Rooting stimulator, effective in rooting medical cannabis and hard-rooted plants such as olive trees, eucalyptus, poplar, and the like.



Natural disinfectant for spaces and surfaces. It leaves no chemical residue and contains no harsh chemicals. Safe for use in enclosed spaces, in proximity to people, and in food environments. Provides long-lasting effect and kills 99.9% of viruses, bacteria and germs.

Natural repellents for a variety of pests

Non-toxic, safe for humans and pets; with long-lasting effectiveness.  Composed of a slowly released combination of three essential oils, making it eco-friendly and effective.

Snake Free™

Slug Free™

unnamed (1)
Mosquito Free™

unnamed (2)
Rodent Free™

unnamed (3)
Pigeon Free™

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